Current Projects

2017-2019 University Indigenous Research Grant (UIRG) 'The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Manitoba’s Innovation Policy’ ($25 000)

Overview: An overlooked area in Canada’s innovation agenda is Indigenous innovation. A unique knowledge system, with its own concepts of epistemology, philosophy, scientific and logical validity, indigenous knowledge has been systematically fragmented, devalued and, as a result, invisible in Western scientific and policy discourses. The goal of this research project is to examine the relationship between innovation and indigenous knowledge in the context of Manitoba. The objective is to map out the current practices of community-based indigenous entrepreneurship and provide empirical evidence-based analysis on the models and approaches employed.

2016-2019 'Internationalization in Canadian K-12 School Contexts' ($20 000)

Overview: International education has become a key governmental priority with a focus of attracting talented youth to benefit Canada’s economy. The federal government aims to increase its international student population from 239,131 in 2011 to more than 450,000 by 2022. While scholars have increasingly studied internationalization processes in post-secondary contexts, little attention has been paid to K-12 schools. This project is examining the administrative practices in K-12 schools that lead to rewarding international and intercultural experiences for students.

2014-2015 SSHRC Postdoctoral Research Project ‘Policy Coordination in Canadian Innovation Policy’ ($81 000)

Overview: Policy coordination to support integrated and coherent policy implementation has become a major governance puzzle for most countries. Canada has been experiencing long-term tensions in federal-provincial relations that hinder innovation and research production. It is not clear how much and what kind of coordination model would best support Canada's innovation capacity. This project aims to identify approaches to policy coordination through an empirical study, focusing on Ontario. The following research question guides the study: What are the main factors shaping policy coordination in Ontario and how can these factors be used to facilitate Canadian innovation policy?