April 20, 2016. Two Dr. Tamtik’s undergraduate students - Donovan Alexander and Courtney Van De Kerckhove - were awarded prestigious Undergraduate Research Awards (URA) by Digvir S. Jayas, Vice-President Research and International, University of Manitoba. The goal of the URA is to provide undergraduate students a first-hand research experience over 16-week period in the summer.

March 28, 2016. Dr. Merli Tamtik gives an invited public lecture titled ‘Coordination within Fragmentation – Insights on Governing Canada’s Innovation Agenda’ at OISE/UofT as part of the Center for the Study of Canadian and International Higher Education (CIHE) Speaker Series. CIHE Speaker Series Announcement (PDF).

February 19, 2016. Professor Merli Tamtik, whose research expertise is in university policy making and how governments can best support innovation and research production in education, has recently joined the Faculty of Education in the Educational Administration, Foundations & Psychology (EAF&P) department.

March 4-5, 2016. Dr. Merli Tamtik facilitates a research panel ‘Healthy Communities’ at the 17th Annual Education Graduate Student Research Symposium, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba. The purpose of this Symposium is to promote the research and scholarly activities of graduate students in education.